Smart IOT Garbage Monitoring & Management System

EZZ BIN – The IoT based solution for the garbage collection issue in the cities. It is a combination of smart garbage bins and a collection van with the cloud. Which always sensing the level of garbage in a container and alert the system to make a schedule to keep the container empty. The system cut down the overflow of garbage, unwanted fuel and time wastage of collection vans like more. In overall, EZZ BIN ensuring timely cleanliness throughout the city.


Hygiene is predominant

The overflow of garbage is always threatening the hygiene of the city.

Garbage level is always unknown in the garbage bins

The real-time status of garbage levels is unpredictable always. It is the main reason for garbage bins to overflow.

Sanitary workers and garbage collection van

Sanitary workers collect garbage in periodic wise only not based on garbage fill level.
Because of this sanitary workers collects garbage after overflow or before fill.
It makes waste of time and fuel.


Ezz bin measures garbage levels using the ultrasonic sensor and sends the data to the cloud server along with the bin location using GPRS. It is a completely battery-operated device and can be retrofitted in existing dustbins. Based on the garbage level, the system will trigger alert to the users.


Locate and prioritize the cleaning of the bins based on Garbage level.
Garbage level alerts and location for sanitary worker
Smart Route Suggestion – Time efficient, Fuel efficient
Almost Zero Installation



Smart cities


Commercial Buildings