Comtustec Beacon provides integrated solutions of indoor location and contextual communication for multiple sectors and use cases, based on Bluetooth Beacon technology, working both with iBeacon and Eddystone protocols. Our solutions are ready to use or can be easily customized, according to customer needs.

Student & Employee Tracking

Event Management

Asset Tracking and RTLS

Retail: Proximity Marketing

Smart Cities: Accessibility

Real Time Patient/Doctor/Staff Locating System (RTPLS)

Smart Public Transportation

Events: Engagement and Analytics

Hospitality: Memorable Experiences

Real Time Visitor Management

Building & Facility Management

Becon Infrastructure

BLE – WiFi / GPRS / GPS Gateway: We have pioneered Bluetooth to Wi-fi connectivity without the use of smartphones or apps with our BLE to WiFi / GPRS / GPS Gateways.

  1. True remote monitoring of beacons – including monitoring status, location, battery life, and pushing of firmware updates of large fleets of beacons.
  2. Large scale implementations.
  3. Plug-and-play capabilities and fast implementations.
  4. Location accuracy measured in meters.